Forest Farm Montessori Nursery / Children Aged 2 to 5+

The teaching and progress made by children at Forest Farm Nursery is outstanding in Ofsted’s opinion. We think so as well of course but not just because it ticks all the inspectors boxes. The nursery is inviting, staffed by professionals in children’s development and set in beautiful surroundings and grounds. A key aim is to promote children’s independence and self confidence where ever we can.
— Judith Walker - OMS Principal
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In the Nursery, children make good, and often outstanding, progress towards the early learning goals, particularly in their personal, social and emotional development and in their knowledge and understanding of the world. Excellent guidance from the staff, combined with a very inviting learning environment, helps them to become confident and competent self-learners.
— Ofsted
In the Nursery, all staff routinely engage children in conversation, which helps children to sustain an activity long enough to learn from it and to develop excellent communication skills. Staff use their close observations of children’s learning to make wise decisions about whether to intervene or not. Consequently, children’s independence is promoted extremely well.
— Ofsted


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  Nursery children may continue their Montessori education through primary and senior schools years at Forest Farm. 

Nursery children may continue their Montessori education through primary and senior schools years at Forest Farm. 


FOREST FARM Montessori Nursery was established in January 2000.  It is the only OMS setting that also has Primary and Senior School Montessori Departments.  It is also the setting for Create After School Club & Create Holiday Club.

  Every week Nick Cope comes to us for his famous children's music sessions

Every week Nick Cope comes to us for his famous children's music sessions

Forest Farm is unique!  Set in acres of beautiful countryside.  The opportunities for the children are unparalleled in Oxfordshire.

Children may attend aged  2 to 5/6 years in the nursery.  And if parents wish, continue on to the primary school (5/6 years to 11 years) and even take IGCSE's at senior age 11 to 16.  Forest Farm is an Cambridge International Examinations Centre for public examinations at IGCSE.

Montessori in 5 minutes!  We teach using a method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori Montessori was a pioneer of interest led education and an early authority on children's development.  There is an interesting and brief introduction to the philosophy HERE ...



Structure: there is currently one class in the nursery at Forest Farm

Class size: The class is registered for 26 children.  We choose to take a very small number of children aged 2.   

Teachers: The staff team is well established.  We work to staff to pupil ratios of 1 teacher to 8 children aged 3 and above and 1 teacher to 4 children under 3. The nursery team is led by Rita Skitt.  More information about Rita's approach HERE 


What makes the environment so special?  The children's classroom is a beautiful space converted from old farm buildings.  Children have access to their own private garden, the sports barn for play in all weather and the coppice wood (our 2000 tree natural arena for play and nature study). There is no other nursery environment like it in Oxfordshire.  We believe Forest Farm is a unique 10 acre opportunity dedicated to young people.

Admission policy: all welcome as part of the school anti discrimination policy.  


Booking a place:  ideally you should apply at least two terms in advance, three is even better, especially if you wish to have a full choice over which days your child attends.  


MId Term Enrolments:  these are possible when places become available unexpectedly.




We offer flexible solutions for families and their children made of the following options.  When you combine term time places with holiday club options we offer discounts to keep it great value.  

  • Early Bird Sessions 8am to 8.30am
  • Term Time Montessori School Day 8.30am to 3pm
  • Term Time Create After School Club 3pm to 5.30pm (only at Forest Farm)
  • Term Time Create Holiday Club Sessions 9am to 4.30pm
  • Create After School Club Term Time 3pm to 5.30pm. 
  • Create Holiday Club 9am to 4.30pm

It is possible to combine the above to create a unique Day Care / All Year place.  


  Maria Montessori.  Italy's first female doctor.  One of first teachers to develop an interest led approach to learning.

Maria Montessori.  Italy's first female doctor.  One of first teachers to develop an interest led approach to learning.

In a perfect world, there would be an abundance of intelligent, well-balanced, devoted individuals willing to attend lavishly and patiently to the demands of strangers’ children — enough so that every family who wanted could have their own full-time loving surrogate. These dream workers would remain with the same family year after year, meshing perfectly with child, parents, and surroundings.
— Meryl Frank - Yale University Child Care Expert
We can’t promise Meryl’s ideal but it a guiding aim. Our staff teams offer real emotional and educative care and they remain in place for long periods of time. We offer quite a few attendance options. It’s a little confusing at first so do look at the ‘Interact’ page to work out what is best for your family. Our range of options does give the children a really varied experience, especially for those families who need virtually year round care and education for their children. The combination of Montessori Nursery, Early Bird Sessions, After School Sessions and Create Holiday Club Activities involve children in a wide and vibrant community of children, teachers and facilities.
— Judith Walker

Next Steps, Discover a Montessori Primary Education?



Children rise to the primary school usually between the age of 5 and 6.  However, we take a child by child approach to this transition process. The decision is taken with input from the child, teachers and of course parents.

The Primary school usually has around 20 to 25 children in classes split into two mixed age groups. Children develop cognitive and social skills through interacting with a mixed age group. Mixed aged teaching more closely resembles the family and is we believe more natural and easy to adjust to. Older children are keen to share their knowledge and skills with younger children, the younger children are eager to learn from their older peers. Educationalists, have argued that this can nurture thinking skills, problem solving, vocabulary and other social competencies.


We use a range of teaching methods in the Primary, combining aspects of the Montessori Curriculum and the National Curriculum. Aspects of the curriculum is delivered through whole class cross-curricular project. And literacy is taught daily.  This allows the children to really immerse themselves in the learning experience. Topic ideas come from the children and reflect their interests which acts as a starting point for planning. A typical year might see the following subjects areas explored - The English Monarchy & Royal Portraiture, The Universe and Evolution!  

Although the project work provides creative and meaningful cross-curricular links additional maths, reading, spellings and some aspects of literacy is taught either in small groups or individually, depending on the needs of the child.

Forest Farm Primary School has two classes. The Pre-Primary Class educates children aged 5 to 7.  The Primary Class takes in children aged 7 to 11.  

Booking a place:  It is best to give us as much notice as possible.  Depending on the term, spaces are limited.  Try and let us know your requirements at least a term in advance.

You are always welcome to come and see us, meet the people, see the children in action and get a sense of the environment. We hope you visit soon. You can book visits using our online appointment system.
— Daniel Ardizzone - principal