ISI Inspection Reports

From June 2017 Oxford Montessori Schools are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.  To date OMS has received a single inspection covering compliance.  

Oxford Montessori Schools underwent a compliance inspection on 7th of June 2017.  We would all like to thank you very much for your supportive feedback.  From parents and pupils the questionnaire results were great, the inspectors remarked on the high scores achieved across the board.  Please note, we do not see individual submissions,  just the percentage of those who answered under each key area so we are unable to respond to you individually.

We hope and believe that our school is a community of young people, parents and children working together to create and sustain a rich range of experiences for all.  So it is particularly humbling to see such affirmation for so many of the things and values we hold dear.  

Our compliance inspection.  

The inspectors were very positive about the standards of education provided.  In these key areas we met the relevant requirements.  This is a fantastic achievement owned by teachers and support staff and of course the children and young people.

There were some areas of policy where inspectors have asked for changes and where we did not meet all the requirements.  We were able to make many of these changes on the day, those that could not be amended during the inspection have been summarised in an action plan.

Most of the changes required relate to policy wording - these have now been dealt with.  There were some specifics relating to recruitment procedures, fire policy and internet safety and oversight that required more work.  These have now been rectified.

We recognise the areas in which we can improve and have, since the inspection, spent time assessing the school management's approach to ensuing that policies are more regularly updated, better disseminated to staff and signed off in accordance with the new regulatory framework.

Again, we can’t thank everyone enough for their support leading up to the inspection and on the day.  An amazing effort all round faced with a regulatory framework that gets more and more bureaucratic and challenging  year on year.  

We very much hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you all again in  September.  While you're away we will be finishing the new 'wet weather' areas around the primary classrooms and the internal changes to the primary spaces.  We very much hope the changes will make it much easier to get the pupils out into the beautiful wild spaces we have, to enjoy nature and the many learning opportunities on offer.  


Regards, Daniel and Judith


Compliance Inspection June 2017


Action Point 2 (DBS & Barred List Checks)

We have not, nor would we employ a staff member without checking that he or she has a DBS and other relevant documents.  This issue relates to timing, previous employment, and the barred list checks.  

One member of staff had a DBS that was valid from the last and previous employment in a school.  We did not realise that we also needed to check the barred list in addition as he came direct from his previous employment without gaps and with good references. We normally carry out both DBS and barred list when there is a gap in employment. We have amended our policy in accordance with this rule and will now automatically check both with or without gaps as an extra precaution.