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Frequently asked questions:

* Must I visit before booking.  It is strongly recommended for nursery places & essential for primary & senior places.  Exceptions are for parents living abroad but please make every effort to visit prior to your child starting at OMS.  Please remember that we require a term's notice of your intention to cancel a place once booked and contract signed.  That means you will be charged a term's fees if you don't give us correct notice.

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* Do you have places?  To  enquire about availability please email  We usually require 2 to 3 terms notice for a place, however places do crop up mid term so there are sometimes ways we can offer your child a place - especially if you are flexible with days.

* Can you tell if there is a place before I visit? Sometimes, but we do not know when we will receive applications from parents that have already visited so cannot guarantee that a place will be free.

* what is your minimum nursery school place?  3 days each week, 8.30am to 3.00pm. This is in line with Oxfordshire LEA's recommendations.

*Is there a cost to apply?  Yes, an £80.00 non refundable registration fee.  (This is only returned if we cannot offer you the place required.)  There is also a deposit fee of £270 which is returned on your first term's invoice.  So the total fee payable on application is £350.00.

* How long is the visit?  Around 40 minutes.  You may always arrange another viewing if you would like to see more.

* Can I contact you before I visit?  Yes, but we all teach so we are not always available.   Email is best in the first instance, so please contact  We will try and reply as soon as possible.

* What if I need to cancel an appointment.  It's easy, just go to the confirmation email we sent you when you booked a visit and click the cancel link at the end.  After your visit you will get an email to follow things up - it's really helpful if you give us your feedback, even if you decide we are not the school for you!

Appointment Bookings

At Forest Farm Nursery, Primary & Senior School...

 Primary & Senior School appointments:  KATIE TOWNSEND ( Principal)  BOOK appointments DURING TERM TIME

Forest Farm Montessori Nursery:  To see the nursery during term please book  Book appointments DURING TERM TIME HERE

Forest Farm Create Holiday & After School Club:  Book appointment DURING TERM TIME HERE

At Wolvercote Montessori Nursery ...

 Wolvercote Montessori Nursery:  To see Emma Collett (Wolvercote Supervisor) during term time please book HERE

If none of these appointment times work for you please let us know  here,