OMS is a Forest Schools training centre / An Eco School / Offers the DofE and Trinity Arts Award

Persuasive writing assignment, ‘your school’
Creativity is a huge focus for us at OMS. It’s a fundamental need for a child and too often lost in adulthood if not nurtured
OMS is a small family run group of schools. We are non selective & do not formally test before GCSE. We do not cram or teach to tests. We believe in the potential of every child
Sir Ken Robinson’s discusses education today
‘Why is the sky blue’ Nick Cope began his children’s music writing and performing at OMS. Nick still performs his witty and intelligent music at OMS Wolvercote

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Rita Skit (Forest Farm’s Supervisor) and her team have created a wonderful cultural environment for children’s social, emotional and academic growth
We believe that the look and feel of children’s classrooms and play spaces really matters, they create a sense of peace and security for young people as they develop.
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