The nice things people say!


I’m very sorry - truly - that Summer 2014 will be our son’s last term at OMS Wolvercote Nursery for the foreseeable future. Our family will be returning to the U.S. in mid-July; I have submitted payment for the Summer 2014 term.

His time at Wolvercote has made us incredibly proud as parents — that we were able to provide this wonderful experience for him. More importantly, our son has grown and thrived at Wolvercote in ways for which we have all been immensely grateful. The impact on our entire family has been tremendous. Thank you!

With best wishes. Sincerely,

— Matthew Johnson (14/1/2014)
Dear Rita, Vanessa and the gang,

Both myself and Martyn would like to thank you all for all your brilliant work with Mo, we were totally thrilled and moved by his progress and your amazing love and care. It was so good to get all the feedback at the meeting the other night and we cant tell you how much it means to us to have Mo at such a wonderful school with awesome teachers!

All our love

Mo’s Mummy and Daddy
— Emma and Martyn (14/1/2014)

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy we’ve been with Forest Farm. My son is thoroughly enjoying himself. After the stress of moving, its been such a wonderful relief to have such a nurturing place to take him each day. Thanks!
— Emily Peters

I must say I find the staff in the nursery to be excellent & their level of professionalism is outstanding. I feel so lucky & privileged that Rita is involved in Isabella’s education. This woman is unique.
Best wishes.
— Catherine

On hearing about Wolvercote’s ‘Outstanding Report’ MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011 AT 03:37PM. Many many congratulations to Emma, Helen, Katie, Naveeda and Jacqui! I am not a bit surprised but very pleased, you really deserve it! Leo and Art send big grins and hugs!
— Liz

On hearing about Wolvercote’s ‘Outstanding Report’
MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011 AT 03:33PM
Fantastic, Dan, so pleased for one and all. Ask any of your parents there – it didn’t need Ofsted’s pronouncement – Wolvercote is wonderful and gave Hana the best possible introduction to the bigger world of being with others, collaborating and encouraging others, while finding yourself. What you all did for our family is inexpressible, and for life, thank you, again.
— Andy - Principal Cherwell College
Dear OMS

Please accept this as formal notification that Emma will leave Oxford Montessori Schools Nursery at the end of Summer Term 2011.

She has followed in the footsteps of her brother and sister Rosie and Peter at the Nursery and, as with our two older children, thoroughly enjoyed the positive start OMS has provided to the start of her school life. We hope to be able to send our fourth child to Wolvercote Nursery in due course.
Many thanks
— Paul and Susie

‘We miss the OMS experience!’

Dear Judith
Thanks to everybody for Sean’s results. We were so pleased with his English results. Taryn did a marvellous job! Please thank her for us. The results of the group were excellent! Thanks also to Matt! We were relieved that Sean passed his Science in the light of two poor exams and one good one! The delay in writing to you was because we were trying to work out whether to retake Biology to try for a better mark, but we have decided to move on. Thanks to Matt though who did a great job under difficult circumstances.
I hope all is well at Forest Farm. We are currently studying Maths and RE while contemplating doing an online course in History and continuing English with a view to starting an AS course in September. Sean just wanted me to say how much he appreciated the calm and kind atmosphere you created for his exams. You did a remarkable job Judith, thank you. We will keep in touch and miss the OMS experience!
Best wishes
— Debbie

‘So much more than a ‘childcare solution’.
Dear Daniel

This is to let you know that we have decided that Leo will start school in September, hence he will not need a place at Wolvercote in the autumn term.

I also just wanted to take the opportunity to say that both of our boys have been tremendously happy at Wolvercote. Emma, Helen, Katie, Jackie and Navida (I hope I haven’t missed anyone out) create a wonderful warm atmosphere for learning and playing. It is so much more than a ‘childcare solution’. So thank you for all of your efforts. We will continue to recommend Wolvercote highly to all of our friends, and who knows, if we have a third child we might even be able to benefit once again in future..!
Best regards
— Liz

We have arrived at this point so quickly, it only seemed like yesterday when I was enrolling my daughter at your school. She has had such fund being at the nursery and has grown and developed so much in the time she has spent there. She will truly miss it and I will miss drop off and pick up and our chats.

I am writing to give a terms notice of our leaving Forest Farm at the end of the summer.

— Zena

Hello there,

My Son was at the Iffley Montessori for a year & a half. Andaman went into the school a very shy, quiet & reseved boy who found it hard to communicated to adults. While he was at the school he grew in confidence & really came out of himself, enjoying his time there very much. The atmosphere is very calming & the teachers are expirenced & very suportive to each childs needs. Andaman left the school at Christmas but not before singing his heart out at the schools Christamas carol servise something that filled me with tears & such pride as the year before he would not even take part in. Thanks so much to all the teachers that have helped my son grow & give him the best start he could of hoped for. Kind Regards
— Becky Perrin

Praise for Iffley, with thanks.
TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2010 AT 10:21PM
Dear Florence,

We have really appreciated Iffley nursery and it has been wonderful for
both our children... to find a place that Lotti adores is very special!

Lotti loves nursery and is so happy in that warm, supportive environment.
I am impressed by the way the children behave with each other. They show
kindness and respect and seem to be confident in communicating. Being at
the nursery Christmas party was like being with one big family. I really
like the calm atmosphere and the feeling that each child has space to
learn and grow. It is a wonderful bonus that Lotti has been learning
French and it has inspired us to visit France and learn more!

So, we are thinking about driving to France to explore that fabulous
country a little bit during the Easter holidays. Maybe we would find a
campsite or an apartment for a few days. Hopefully we would find some
sunshine. Perhaps you can give me your advice about driving to France:
what is the best route to choose, what is realistic for a journey, and any
ideas about a place to visit would be wonderful!

All the best,
— Peter & Hannah Cordingly

From an Iffley Parent... The bus is exciting for the children!

It is great to see that Max has the opportunity to go to Forest Farm
every day. He enjoys the space to run around and the exciting things
he experiences there. As he loves riding buses, even the trip with the
minibus is a little treat for him.
— Alex

Dear Victoria (Primary class teacher)

I hope this finds you well.

First and foremost, I would like to tell you that even now, after only a few days in your school, my child seems happier, calmer, and more confident. I know that this is only the beginning, and that a period of adjustment is still ahead of us. But to judge by what we have seen until now, visiting your class seems to mark a substantive, qualitative improvement in her well being. She even asked us if we had noticed that she is happier now. She also seems to be very moved by small gestures of warmth and kindness (of which she didn’t encounter many in her previous school), like letting her in when she is cold and letting her sit and read by the fire.

Since Talia is quite restrained in unfamiliar places, and may not express these things to you, I feel obliged to let you know. Thank you!

Thanks again! (and I hope to see you soon - perhaps later on this week),

All the best,
— Gemma

 This was a card sent to OMS from a primary student.

This was a card sent to OMS from a primary student.

PS I keep meaning to say that we love Iffley nursery - I think the staff
there are really special and provide a superb environment for the
children. My kids also love Forest Farm (hence the extra day booking),
so thank you.
— Elizabeth


just to say that Jago had a fantastic start at Wolvercote Montessori. We are so happy with staff and ethos of the school. Could you add on my invoice a full day on Mondays? He will be able to start next Monday if possible.
Thank you very much,
— Stephanie

Dear All

Must have missed the survey form mailing (or maybe it was a sample) - would love to have added our voice at the high, high end. I cannot express sufficiently the value that Aliza places on the care and nurture that Hana receives at Wolvercote. She often says to me it is beyond dedication and it is pure love.

I have a confident, happy, curious, reasoning, and, increasingly, hilarious child and I cannot thank you all enough for what you have created. No matter what I face at work, I begin my days positively, looking at Hana and thinking about her excitement in the day ahead and I take strength and encouragement from this.

As ever
— Andy - Principal at Cherwell College

Dear OMS,

Thank you and your staff for making Michael so welcome at Forest Farm. He is coming home from school and totally in awe. Yesterday told my sister and myself all evening that he had the ‘ best day of his life at school’ (loves French) and could not wait to go back to school. Also he really liked that he was allowed to pick a book to read which he likes (was always an issue at his old school- as they kept on giving him books which were as he calls them baby books). Michael reads very well and books ahead of his age group. So today I just wanted to say thank you to you all. You must have very impressive staff as Michael is not easily impressed.

Best Wishes,
— Conny

Dear OMS,

Tink had a fantastic time this summer at Forest Farm, she begged me to go on the days that she was not booked in (rather than stay with me which is unheard of). She absolutely loved the time she spent at Create. Her absolute favourite day was the world war 2 history day, she now knows far more about world war 2 than I do.

The pony’s were a hit as were the chickens and the new sports barn is the best according to Tink. She loved the staff and so did I they obviously cared very much about giving the children not just a good, but a great time that stretched their imaginations allowed them to play and actually be children which in this world is an anomaly. Tink came home every day feeling tired out but happy, enthusiastic and with renewed fascination for the world.

The only down side is that Tink is now begging me to come back to the school which unfortunately for her is not a possibility at this time. However you can be sure that we will be booking her in for future holiday schemes

I just wanted to say thank you and that from my perspective as psychotherapist who works with children and in Play Development, I wish all schools/holidays schemes would take a leaf out of your book and make childhood fun, exciting and inspired. Every child should have the opportunity to benefit from the type of education, play and social experience that Forest Farm offers.

It was a big deal for me to leave Tink over the holidays (not a choice but a necessity) as it was when I first left her in the care of the Forest farm Nursery, on both occasions I have been rapidly reassured that my precious daughter has been looked after as well if not better than I could do myself both from a physical, social, moral, and psychological perspective.

Thank you.
— Sophie

Dear All

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome and whole set up of the exam for Benjamin on Tuesday. He was happy and relaxed about the exam the night before and remained so all the time we were at Forest Farm. The main idea of it for us as a family was that Benjamin should have a positive exam experience with a subject that he enjoys and knows well. We couldn’t have found a better place to for him to have that experience so are very grateful for your care. He is looking forward to coming back again on Friday to a place where he felt so comfortable.

Many thanks.
— Vivienne

Dear OMS

Re: Eleanor Johnson Notice of leaving end of Summer term - Nursery placement

Thank you for your recent email, it has reminded me to send confirmation that Eleanor will be leaving Forest Farm at the end of the summer term. She will be starting school in September joining her sister Olivia, at Lynams Pre Prep in Oxford.

Eleanor has been attending Forest Farm since she was 2 years old and although we have experienced inevitable changes during this time, she has remained happy and felt secure in the nursery environment. please pass on my would thanks to all the nursery staff for their hard work and support, and especially Rita who has been a significant role figure for Eleanor, I have seen their friendship develop and blossom since the Autumn term last year. Eleanor will miss both Rita and Jelena, and I am sure will make the most of the summer term and what remains of her time at Forest Farm before her departure.

Thank you again. Kind regards
— Lesley Johnson

Dear All

Thanks for the newsletter - very interesting as ever.

The bit at the end about notice reminded me that we haven’t given you formal notice that Lizzie is leaving at the end of the Summer Term 09. I know I have spoken to Judy about it, and also mentioned it in passing to you in another e-mail, but I thought that I should just confirm it.

Tracey and I would like to thank you, Judy, Victoria, Rita and all the staff at Forest Farm for giving Lizzie such a wonderful start to her school life. The values that she’s learned at Forest Farm are well and truly embedded, and I know she’ll have great memories of her time at Forest Farm which will last her a lifetime. I’m hoping that she’ll have some more wonderful memories to take with her from her last term with you.

Thanks once again.

Kind regards
— Alex

Dear Create,
Just to let you know that Elizabeth had another wonderful week at Create Club last week. Please thank all your staff. When can I book her in for the May half term holiday?

Best wishes
— Claire Harvey

Hello Judy

I just wanted to let you know that Toby will be starting at the village school in September and therefore next term (the summer term) will be his last term at Forest Farm. We would love for him to have continued with you but we feel the distance we travel every day is not sustainable in the long term and also being in the local community will have many benefits for Toby.You have given Toby a great start and no where comes close to you in terms of what you have to offer at Forest Farm for the early years.

Let me know if you need anything more formal than this e-mail in terms of giving you notice.

Kind regards
— Sara

Dear OMS,

I’ve just paid for Elodie to take biology and chemistry igcse exams and I thought I would take this opportunity to say how grateful we are to Sam for all her hard work. Not only has she been a great teacher for both subjects, but I expect the administrative side of single-handledy entering all students for both subjects must have been very time-consuming. Throughout she has offered invaluable support and been extremely patient (having been educated in France and therefore not knowing much about the English system, I personally needed all the help I could get!).

— Karine Guest

Dear Judy,

I just wanted to say that our three kids absolutely loved attending the Create Club. Charlie in particular loved the outdoor activities especially being with the chickens. It was lovely for us as parents to know that Charlie was happy, and had made a friend or two. She usually is pretty reluctant to go to ‘school’ or similar organised events, but we had no problem getting the kids up for the Friday. Although Millie was one of the oldest kids which could have been a problem the staff were aware of this and motivated Millie accordingly. She came away full of energy, remotivated, and happy. Interestingly this ‘skip in her step’ came showed in her re engagement with her piano playing - much more her old self.
Gabe also loved it. All the activities, and the outside facilities really appealed to our kids.
When I asked if they would like to go again the was a unanimous ‘YES’ - we love it!
So a big thanks to the staff for helping our three have a great, and happy time, which make us feel happy too.

I would like to sign Charlie up to the Create after school club on Tuesday’s so will go to the website and get this sorted.
Kind regards
— Daniel

Dear Sir/Madam,

Apologies for being late with the payment for the 2009 term. We have transferred money for Raphael Molding Nielsen today, 15 December, and we expect the transfer to take 3-5 days because they money is transferred from our account in Denmark.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic year. We are very pleased with Raphaels schooling in Wolvercote. Emma, Katie and Helen have done an amazing job.

On another note, would it be possible for Raphael to attend the school full time in January 2009 only? In other words could he come on Wednesdays as well during January? If so, we could organise for a transfer of money for Wenesdays in January as well. Please advice.

I will look forward to hearing from you,

Seasonal greetings and best rgds
— Malene
Oxford Montessori Iffley Nursery best nursery ever! As well as Forest Farm’s Create and Holiday Clubs. You are doing a fantastic job at inspiring love for learning in our little ones. We will really miss you but hope other families benefit from it.
— Anna Aliverti