OMS is a popular and rapidly-growing school with a commitment to staying small. 

We encourage applications for children who:

  • Who have a proven history of inquiry & enthusiasm
  • Show curiosity and a zest for learning
  • Challenge themselves both academically and in their broader life
  • Have strong opinions but remain open-minded
  • Show kindness towards others and exemplary behaviour

We regret that at this stage we do not have further capacity for children who require additional SEN support.

Our school is very small. Mixed age, mixed ability groups are valuable and we are committed to offering these.  However they only work if the children that make up the majority and the style of school are the right fit.  

Our environment works for able , inquiring, enthusiastic minds.  We're looking for the potential that will benefit from our school specifically, the right match, the right fit.  There are many intelligence types and different learning styles. The ESSENTIAL quality we look for is CURIOSITY.