OMS is a popular and rapidly-growing school with a commitment to staying small. 

Many would say OMS’ pastoral support is excellent and that it is a key feature of the school’s daily life. By emphasising children’s developmental and emotional well-being the school has gained a good reputation for its pastoral care and in particular helping young people rebuild their confidence, often lost in other more formal settings. We have also helped many children who refused school or who have been homeschooled to reintegrate and enjoy a school based education once again.

Does this mean the emphasis is on children that have special educational needs?

No. We have to limit the number of children that have special education needs in order to balance the classes. We believe that all children need strong emotional support, every child is vulnerable at some point regardless of their academic ability and ALL children benefit from a good mixed ability and mixed age environment. We monitor to see if our school is right for a child and assess whether we can fully meet their needs.

We have a great and broad mix of children from many backgrounds, it’s another key feature of the school environment and creates a thriving sense of community.

We encourage applications for children who:

  • Who have enquiry & enthusiasm in their dna

  • Show curiosity and a zest for learning

  • Challenge themselves both academically and in their broader life

  • Have strong opinions but remain open-minded

  • Show kindness towards others and exemplary behaviour

However we understand that sometimes if children have been in a setting that has not been right for them they may have lost their zest for learning and will need to rebuild their trust in teachers, other children and for learning itself! We are here to support and have helped many children return to their former selves.