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Our Examination Centre

  • OMS is accredited by Edexcel, AQA, OCR and Cambridge International Examination Boards

Major changes... the exam system are almost an ongoing feature of the UK's educational system. OMS offers GCSE and IGCSE from Edexcel, AQA, OCR and CIE Examination Boards.  We take academic standards very seriously but also recognise that the key to getting the best from young people under pressure is to create an environment that promotes calm confidence.  

OMS Approach / Essentials

    • Our pupils achieve great results, typically A* to C. 
    • Students take the bulk of their exams in the May/June examination session but some are also taken in November or January to spread out examinations rather than cramming everything into the final term at school.
    • Exam rooms are light, airy and comfortable, designed to put students at ease
    • The approach is as non formal as we can make it
    • OMS is accredited by both the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and Cambridge International Examinations. 

    Can anyone...

    ...teach a bright child?  Well probably not, but it's much much easier.  Real teaching skill lies in finding out how an individual works, understanding their learning style and helping them reach their potential. This is what we mean by 'added value' at OMS and it is one of the achievements we are most proud of.


    Exam Results 2011-2016

    Below you will find the 'story' of the children's examination achievements since we established the senior department in 2011. We're proud of them.  OMS children are NOT taught to tests. We prepare children for examinations but first and foremost they are exposed to a rich broad curriculum that is designed to keep the spark of curiosity alive.

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    Teenagers have lots to deal with!  We try to understand this, anticipate their needs and keep things calm during the exam seasons. 

      The OMS exams centre creates a warm environment for young people to show what they have mastered.

    The OMS exams centre creates a warm environment for young people to show what they have mastered.

    OMS welcomes young people who are prepared to work hard and bring their enthusiasm to the community. The seniors results are a testament to that energy and drive
    — Daniel Ardizzone - Joint Principal