Create Holiday Club @ OMS


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Create Holiday Club runs from 9am to 4.30pm, every holiday save Christmas.  

Probably the best holiday club in the world:)

Probably the best holiday club in the world:)

Create is our take on the traditional school holiday club. Create is staffed by many of our Montessori teachers so with the fun comes a caring and professional emphasis. We offer great facilities at Forest Farm including the giant sports barn, theatre and music studios and our beautiful wild coppice wood.
— Judith Walker - OMS Principal

Bike tracks for wild adventures / The new Eco House for camping and play. We show you these because we're serious about getting children outside and we're so excited about the natural environment we've made to excite and stimulate young people.  

We provide both holiday club for the ‘creative’ and sports club for the ‘active’. With a diverse range of ages, we facilitate a whole plethora of activities to suit everyone’s needs. The enchanting setting allows us to use each space creatively. Create is different. Being led by professionals, I feel we provide the best possible care. Create allows organic friendships to blossom in a fun fuelled environment.
— Jes Bailey

Some of the things we get up to in CREATE?  

For the nature lover there’s the coppice woods, natural play spaces and special Bushcraft days.
For the artistic child there’s painting, crafts, music and drama
For the sports mad, there’s all the action in the giant sports barn what ever the weather, basket ball, cricket, football, rounders.
Create is your child’s arena. It’s one of few spaces left dedicated to children. We hope it’s the perfect alternative to spending too much time on the mobile or video game. Here children play for real. Create is a great way to meet new friends and learn a great range of new games and skills

Some of the things parents say about Create...

“Thank you to you and the team for looking after Charlie so well this summer.  He loved coming and this is the first holiday club that he has looked forward to! It also worked particularly well as he has just started at Lynams (Y3) and, as he met quite a few Lynams’ children at Forest Farm,  he felt reassured by seeing familiar faces on the first day.
“Hi, thank you for taking such wonderful care of my twin boys- they have had a really enjoyable three weeks with you and I will be booking them in again at every opportunity. My family and I gave been tremendously impressed by the quality of activities and the passion and professionalism of your staff - many thanks.  Something I forgot to say in my last email was that my son’s speech has improved remarkably in your care. Previously, he mumbled a lot and slurred his words. I had even discussed taking him to a speech therapist. After three weeks at the holiday club his speech is dramatically better and when we were out with friends for dinner a few days ago he entertained the whole table by recounting an anecdote which was understood by everyone! We are currently in France and our friends are French! Many thanks, as I said, whenever I am unable to be with the boys during their holidays I will be entrusting them to you again and have already been recommending you to anyone who will listen!
A quick note before time passes by.  Thank you so much for a wonderful Summer at Create.  Harry had an amazing time, he loved the Sports week and left the science week truly inspired.  Please pass on my thanks to the others. I have recently moved jobs from Oxford to Banbury so the travelling is now a bit of a struggle but Harry won’t entertain the idea of going  anywhere else – just so nice to find somewhere he is happy and actually asks to go in the holidays. So many thanks again for being so wonderful and making the school holidays a source of enrichment rather than boredom. See you in half term with Harrys younger brother Tom as well
“Our children had real fun and came home happy. The range of activities was very good, from cooking to holding snails and butterflies, going on spider hunts taking turns on the trampoline, to being part of other people’s birthdays . it was just the right mix of things and seeing the bigger children was really good for them. Really great, thanks.”


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Create Holiday Club Essentials

We hope you enjoy all the club offers.  Below are some essential details you need to know as you get your child ready to CREATE with us this holiday.

The Create Programme this holiday

Getting in touch with us during Create

You can reach staff during the day from 8.30am until 5.00pm. Be sure to  leave a message if they do not pick up - they may be with the children. 

Create club leader

  • tel: 07733 326714

  • email:

Just to remind you that Create begins at 9am and finishes at 4.30pm.

Things children need...

Your child needs the following items in a bag and please label them:

  • Suitable clothing, spare clothing, named sun cream, hat,

  • Lunch with an ice pack, particularly for meat and dairy please and NO NUTS or seeds. We have children with severe allergies.

Booking Extra Sessions

If you’re child is having a great time and you want to book more sessions please remember...

  • to book online before 5pm the day before the session you want

  • If a create day is unavailable it will not appear on the booking form.

  • If you need the bus be sure to read which days are full on the booking form

  • Please look out for notifications regarding the bus availability, we often run out of spaces so book these early.