Direct Contact Details for Parents with children already attending our nursery and school...

By email


Shetland Ponies at Forest Farm

Shetland Ponies at Forest Farm

Deputy (Katie Townsend)

Admin/accounts / Teresa Andrews

Nursery Supervisors...

Emma Collett (Wolvercote Nursery Supervisor)

Rita Skit (Forest Farm Nursery Supervisor)

Aimee Brightman (St Giles Supervisor)


Forest Farm Primary...

Victoria Reaston-Brown (Forest Farm Primary 2) 

Sara Edris (Forest Farm Primary 1)

Create Holiday Club at Forest Farm...

(Create Supervisor)

The Forest Farm Flyer Mini Bus Service...

To reach the drivers during the day:

The music studio

The music studio

By phone...

  • Direct Numbers at Forest Farm...

    • Principal's Office & Administration: 01865 352062

    • Forest Farm Nursery School - 01865 352065

    • Forest Farm Primary 1: 01865 352063.  Primary 2: 01865 352067 (please only use these numbers if you are a current parent and need to speak with the class teacher on an important matter)

    • Accounts: 01865 352062

    • Wolvercote Montessori Nursery - 01865 558065

  • St Giles Montessori Nursery - 07788 271599 during the day and term time.  

The Science Room

The Science Room

  • Create Holiday Club - Based at Forest Farm - (Create Staff are very busy during the day, so please, if there is no answer be sure to leave a message) 07733 326714

  • Reaching the bus drivers during working hours / The Forest Farm Bus Mobile is:  07554 885491

Please only use these numbers if very important.  Be sure to leave a message, if driving they will not answer.


Postal Address...

  • Wolvercote Montessori Nursery.  Wolvercote Village Hall.  1 Wolvercote Green.  Oxford OX2 8AB
  • St Giles Montessori Nursery.  10 Woodstock Rd.  Oxford. OX2 6HT.
  • Forest Farm Nursery, Primary & Senior.  Forest Farm School.  Elsfield.  Oxford.  OX3 9UW