Routes & Times during Create Holiday Club


The route & times UP TO FOREST FARM

Bus Times in the morning:

Please note that there may not be pick ups at all stops every day. So please be at the bus stops promptly as the bus may be earlier, the busWILL NOT WAIT for you if you are lat

  • St Clements at 8.30am
  • Marston Rd at 8.35am
  • Park Town 8.40
  • Summertown (outside Gatineau Patisserie!) 8.45am
  • Carlton Rd at 8.50am.

The route & times BACK TO OXFORD

Bus Times Home:

  • Leaves Forest farm at 4.30pm and does the return route to Iffley, depending on drop offs in...
  • Carlton Rd: 4.40pm
  • Summertown: 4.45 (just inside car park)
  • Park Town: 4.50
  • Marston Road: 5:00 (Sommerset pub)
  • St Clements: 5:05 (Glebe St)