OMS is a progressive school for people aged 2 to 16 years old. It’s very different from most other schools.

Students are treated like intelligent, emotional and mature human beings

And so they behave that way. We know kids can and will do amazing things if given the chance.

The school is very relaxed

We don’t go in for bossing kids around or forcing people to conform. We don’t over-test and we don’t over-stress: we have fun.

We do lots of project-based learning

For example half of the timetable for 11-13 year olds is based around learning by doing and having a clear, self-selected goal to work towards. Real life is project-based!

We live green

We’ve got beautiful fields and woodland and so we use them! Sustainability and care for the environment are at the heart of all that we do.

We never stop moving forward

The world is changing and we’re at the cutting edge of educational innovation. We experiment, we try new things and we make sure that we question everything. And of course we have a lot of cool tech!

Because of all that, we make sure kids learn lots and leave with good grades. Ofsted say:

Pupils [at OMS] achieve good GCSE and IGCSE results in a wide range of subjects, including English and mathematics.

Words won’t tell you what OMS is like. Come visit us anytime and see for yourself!